Getting Started with Personium using Ansible


The purpose of this document is to explain high level specification for constructing Personium unit using ansible. If you're curious about ansible, please also read the HOW ANSIBLE WORKS page.

Personium unit structure

Personium unit is configurable based on different purpose of usages like evaluation, development, verification, production etc.. Personium is provisioning the unit setup tool, for the easiness of the developer to construct Personium unit automatically based on their needs.
Although you may construct the Personium unit without using the setup tool, but it is recommended to use the setup tool for constructing the Personium unit easily.

Server architecture for Personium unit

Personium unit construction requires to assign the combination of following 7 roles on a single or multiple interconnected servers properly.

Role Usage
Web Required
Reverse proxy server, contains Global IP and also should be accessible to the internet.
AP Required
Application server, where Personium will be executed.
ES Required
server to operate ElasticSearch.
MQ Required
server to operate ActiveMQ.
NFS Required
server to operate Network File System (NFS).
Bastion Optional
Bastion server. Used to execute ansible and to connect other servers by ssh.

Personium setup tool

This setup tool will install middleware and configure the OS and its network on your machine (linux server or virtual machine on windows/mac) before installing Personium module.
There are different patterns of setup tools to construct the Personium unit. Please select the setup tool based on you purpose.

Pattern-1 : 1 Server

* By using Vagrant it is possible to easily build a virtual machine in the local machine environment and check the operation of Personium.
For the setting procedure, please refer to setup-vagrant.

Pattern-2 : 3 Servers

This document introduced pattern based initial requirements to construct the Personium unit. Please choose the right pattern that suits your purpose.
Please go thru with other documents to learn about the process to construct the Personium unit.