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PDS (Personal Data Store) server
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Personal Data Store

Personium is a distributed Personal Data Store(PDS) server with which various applications on various devices can read and write their data. As a BaaS software, it has proven flexibility to store variety of data from various appilcations, from electronic medical record to simple game. Personium has not only lofty visions and concepts but also proven track record.



Personium enables secure data sharing among interconnected data stores. This feature enables such systems that multiple organizations and individuals cooperate in a complex manner. Some system may enable a home doctor to use his/her patient's blood pressure data that care workers measured a few days ago. Other system may enable a private tutor to refer to his/her student's arithmetics weak point that school teacher has just finded out. In short, it enables something new, which could not be achieved due to the separation of systems. Data stores are also interconnectable beyond the server infrastructures, because the trust among data stores is achieved using PKI technology.

MyData Operator Award 2021

MyData Operator Award

22 service providers, including Personium, across 11 countries were awarded the status of MyData Operator 2021.

The MyData Operator Award, launched in 2020, reflects the rising demand for a more ethical approach to personal data. The Award focuses on how personal data intermediaries manage two key issues: transparently communicating their practices and business models, and the extent to which users are the primary beneficiary of their personal data.

Personium was also honoured to be among the first 16 world-leading organisations from 12 countries, all working for humans-centric approaches to personal data to receive the award in 2020.


We believe the ethical and transparent use of personal data contributes to a fair and sustainable data economy. To promote data rights around the world, we participate in the multi stakeholder initiative MyData Global.

Personium is an active and long-term member of MyData Global and serves on the international leadership group.

We signed the MyData Declaration based on our strong sympathy with its principles.


We do not think current form of computing, data-data flow is optimal for human society. It should be a common interest for all the human society to create an existence using the power of IT to support individual human information processing ability, that is, reception, recognition, memory, integration, analysis and expression of the information. Among the technical metabolism, that is, new divices, new representation techniques arising every year based on that interest, we strongly recognize the importance of a persistence layer mainly responsible for memory, in other words, an IT that keeps stablly existing throught individual human lifecycle. What is called PDS today is very close to this. And it had better be implemented in the abstracted layer 'Cloud' or Web API (as opposed to 'Client'), which is relatively free from the metabolism. Such IT for the human society, should not be put under the control of single corporate or individual, but be shared and co-created using the knowledge of many individual or corporate entities. For that to happen, that cloud technology should be open to all the corporates, organizations and individulals over the world. Our mission is to develop and keep evolving such software and grow and nourish the application ecosystem based on it.


Our goal is to form the World scale Web of PDS's. Preferrablly with our PDS implementation 'Personium' playing significant role just as a web server implementation 'Apache' did when forming WWW (World Wide Web)


Personium is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0.

Set Up Set Up
    Set up your own Personium server!
Source Set Up
    Clone repository from GitHub!
Introduction Set Up
    The introduction of Personium is opened on SlideShare.
Documentation Set Up
    See Personium's online documents!


control publishing of personal information

It will be a demo of the use case where the recorded data of the meal managed by the individual is controlled publicly / unpublished according to the disclosure request from the company.

Management Tools


UnitManager is a GUI tool that helps you manage the unit cells of Personium.


HomeApp is a Personium-based "Personal Data Store(PDS)" management application.


PCUI is the CLI version of HomeApp that helps you manage a Personium-based cell.


OData, WebDAV

This demo explains the basics of OData and WebDAV by allowing you to send an instant request and verify the response. These two REST-based protocols are international standards widely used in various area. More than 90% of personium APIs are based on these two protocols. Therefore, developing applications for Personium is similar to developing any other OData/WebDAV based applications.


Personium is actively collaborating with the following friend organizations.

Personium Community

For the Personium community, people and companies belonging to the following companies participate in various activities.
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