Personium How to participate in document maintenance / improvement

In the open source project Personium, not only code but also document contribution are welcome.If you are interested in helping to improve the document, please follow the steps below to add and modify the document, please pullrequest on GitHub.

Please prepare a GitHub account

  1. Fork the GitHub repository
    1. API Reference
    2. Other documents
  2. Clone to Local repository

  3. Write the document in GFM (Github Flavored Markdown) format and edit the file

  4. Convert to HTML format
    1. If you want to confirm by converting in your own environment, please refer to Procedure
    2. If confirmation of conversion is unnecessary, Personium project member responds after accepting pull request.
  5. Push to Fork's own GitHub repository and issue a Pull Request to the parent repository of Fork

By conducting the above procedure, we will review it with Personium project members and publish it in the appropriate form.
We are waiting for your cooperation.

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